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Boxing Ring Game


This colorful interactive game brings the joy of a bouncy house together with the world of boxing. Participants can experience a few rounds in the ring with this inflatable play structure, offering comical and entertaining take on the sport. This bright inflatable play structure features a yellow, blue and red motif, with four posts and inflatable “ropes” like a true boxing ring.

For added variety, add a ball, place under a basketball hoop, and play ‘sky ball’. Participants ‘bounce’ themselves instead of the ball, jumping, passing, and shooting for a modified game of basketball.

Promote exercise, healthy competition and sportsmanship with the inflatable Box N’ Bounce game! Made safe and secure with lite n strong™, fire-resistant vinyl and comes with 2 pairs of over sized 9 lbs. boxing gloves.

We carry the AEDARSA certification that is required for any public or paid admission.


Length: 18’3″

Width: 18’4″

Height: 8’8”



 $200 / 3 hours

$300 / 7 hours

Sunday Rental


Public Events

$250 / 3 hours

$350 / 7 hours