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Tropical 5-in-1 Combo


Tropical Island 5 in 1 combo brings a taste of island life to any outdoor event, indoor playground or backyard party. The tropical adventure begins with a gathering of classic island animals, from a cute monkey and flamingo, to a smiling giraffe and a colorful toucan. Twin 3-D palm trees flank the entrance of this crowd-attracting combo.

The 5 in 1 combo serves up a five-challenge inflatable combo bounce house of entertainment! A jump area with basketball hoop and obstacles are central attractions, while continuous movers can climb and slide for hours on end. The slide is located in the center of this bouncer with access to each side by an obstacle crawl behind the slide at the back of the unit.  Users can make it a chase, from one side to the other, up the climb, down the slide and back to the jump area, shoot some hoops, crawl behind the slide and now you are back to where you started. This versatile inflatable combo is ideal for backyard parties, recreational events or family indoor center

We carry the AEDARSA certification that is required for any public or paid admission.


Length: 20’4″

Width: 15’6″

Height: 14’6”



 $250 / 3 hours

$350 / 7 hours

Sunday Rental


Public Events

$300 / 3 hours

$400 / 7 hours