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Pedestal Joust Game


This colourful interactive game takes you back in time to medieval days; combining the joy of a bouncy house together with the world of jousting. Participants can experience the days of yore jousting while balancing atop a pedestal instead of a horse, offering a comical take on the art of the joust. This inflatable comes with a pair of over-sized jousting poles. Pedestals are positioned in the center of the jumping surface, giving participants plenty of landing area when knocked off the pedestal. This inflatable jousting game is a great addition to any party rental, and with its low height clearance, is perfect for indoors or outdoors.

We carry the AEDARSA certification that is required for any public or paid admission.


Length: 20’4″

Width: 25’10”

Height: 3’6”



 $200 / 3 hours

$300 / 7 hours

Sunday Rental


Public Events

$250 / 3 hours

$350 / 7 hours