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Bungee Run Game


The Bungee Run is an exciting competitive inflatable designed to test your strength and endurance as participants challenge each other to stretch the bungee cord and mark their progress with a Velcro marker. Each participant wears a harness connected to the bungee cord. Starting at the wall with the Velcro marker in hand, participants run forward and place marker before the bungee cord pulls them back. with a height of only 7′, this is perfect for indoors on those cold inclement days

Includes: 2 harnesses, 2 arbiters, 2 backing plates, and 2 Velcro bean bags.

We carry the AEDARSA certification that is required for any public or paid admission.


Length: 35′

Width: 11′

Height: 7′



 $300 / 3 hours

$400 / 7 hours

Sunday Rental


Public Events

$350 / 3 hours

$450 / 7 hours